E-6.5CS 6.5" 6-1/2 Component Car Audio Speakers+Tweeters


The Sundown Audio E series coaxial / component speaker line was designed to present the absolute best value for our customers working on a budget. We started with custom tooled and vented stamped frames on each and every mid-range to ensure longevity, excellent voice coil cooling, and great looks. This is mated to a custom designed, very linear motor structure which drives the extremely smooth sounding poly cone. The front of each driver is finished with a well damped rubber surround and a rubber sealant ring around the tweeter stalk (for weather and dust resistance as well as the air-pump effect). The E series component utilizes a titanium dome tweeter for a more “sharp” sound than the SA series but not to an excessive level – the tweeter is well damped at the edge.