SA-Series 6.5" 200W Subwoofer


The SA-6.5SW was created to achieve extremely high performance at less than 4” of mounting depth (3.8” to be precise). Rest assured that even with the limited depth the SA-6.5SW lives up to the reputation of the SA series! These little guys will take a beating in TINY ported enclosures. Our customers have been in love with the incredible performance per dollar since their launch in 2017.



As with several other lines (SLD and SD-4 notably) we used a solid-pole design. This allows the back-plate to rest against the back wall of the enclosure. This further reduces effective depth requirements for this woofer. Shallow depth aside this unit has a full 10mm one-way linear excursion and an x-mech in excess of double that! So there is almost no concern about bottoming out the coil. We also borrowed the hyper-extended pole technique from our larger lines to help prevent coil damage from exiting the gap forward. Furthermore; we even included a magnet ID faraday ring to keep inductive distortions in check!

Features (SA-10/12/15/18 v.2)

  • RMS Power: 200-watts
  • Coil: 1.5” Diameter Copper Windings w/ Black Aluminum Former
  • X-Max: 10mm one-way by 70% BL
  • Magnet ID Faraday Ring
  • Solid Pole w/ Vent Channels


T/S SPECS SA 6.5 D2 SA 6.5 D4
RE (Ohms) 4.0 7.1
FS (Hz) 48.9 51.8
VAS (L) 4.1 3.6
Qes 0.50 0.54
Qms 4.82 4.65
Qts 0.46 0.49
Le (mH) 1.69 2.45
BL (NA) 13.5 17.9
Mms (Grams) 74.8 75.6
Cms (uM/N) .14 .12
Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) 81.6 81.5

Enclosure Specifications

Sealed Enclosure 0.15 cu ft
Ported Enclosure 0.3 cu ft
Recommended Tuning 40Hz
Recommended Port Area 4 sq in
Depth 3.79"
Outside Diameter 7.16″
Cut-Out 5.93″
Physical Dimensions Download