NeoPro v1


Compact NEO-SPL:

This is our compact Neo-based dedicated SPL series. These are 100% built-to-order so they have no readily available specifications. If you need the absolute highest motor force for your SPL application this is the ideal woofer for you from our line. We can tailor the coil, suspension, frame, etc. to fit most SPL applications.

This line will be rapidly changing & evolving with new technology & design features being implemented as quickly as possible from field testing with our SPL competition team.

Features & Technology:

  • Xmax = VARIES
  • RMS Power = VARIES
  • Supports Various 3” Voice Coils from 4 to 8 Layers
  • Pole Cap Faraday Ring
  • Quad-Cut Pole Piece For Extreme Voice Coil Cooling
  • Pie-Shaped NEO Magnets with vent gaps